Let them heal; wound anew

New hurt- I’d prefer that than help you renew old hurt

I’d prefer new wounds than to open old ones-

they hurt more.


5 thoughts on “Let them heal; wound anew

    1. Hi, Sam. I’m at the point where I honestly think it is better to experience something new from new experiences (pardon the repetition)… better to mend the tattered cloth, let new patches appear elsewhere then you can mend those too. Don’t know if you would agree but I suppose that’s just how I feel at this time. It’s like experiencing new joys. The old joys played their role but you can’t live in those memories forever. Thanks for stopping by as always.

      1. i agree totally after hearing “you can’t live in those memories forever”. so true. thanks for taking the time to explain further.

      2. No prob. Trying to move forward. Been writing a lot and tearing it up! (writing what I’d like to express and then destroying it; won’t destroy the memories but helps me not to rehash them- been wanting to do that for a long time but I think I was stuck in that place where I was afraid of who I’d be if I did let go). Thank you for reading.

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