10 thoughts on “Sonder…

      1. me too! I am a slow learner as well! Please slap me. I love your blog name Sonder….It reminds me of various sundry things…Other things
        Great blog name! So what are you going to share now?

      2. That post is not one of mine! ’twas a re-blog. Ahm, not much to share from this end, I’m kinda hiding a little, well more like waiting… except I don’t know what I’m waiting for.
        P.S. You don’t need any slap, you just need to be patient with yourself.

      3. Awh that is sweet! No kidding! I love hiding I did it forever! Seriously it took me years to be myself! So I will be gentle. I so understand hiding. Your secret is safe with me!!!

      4. Ha, ’tis no secret but thanks for the thought. I hope you’ll have a good time. Glad you’ve stopped hiding. Take care ’til next time ok.

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