Love Letter


I don’t know what you look like, neither have I the slightest idea of whether we have met before. Instead, I wait as patiently as I can for you to be revealed to me. I wonder if you are who I think you are. His eyes look like yours; at least the way I imagine they would be. It is really true that the eyes are windows to the soul… I see something in his eyes but I dare not identify it, for what if I’m wrong?

I see it in his smile too; in his awkward grace and mannerisms. The awkwardness only shows when he’s near but distance gives him more courage, shall I say- to smile more boldly and to say what is really on his mind.

But, who are you really? Are you him? Are you two the same and how will I know? I imagine your answer is “time”. Well, as much as I’d like to sigh and maybe pout a little, I have decided to befriend time. I vow to be his best friend.

I hope to meet you soon, if we have not already met. I’d love to see the look in your eyes, see that smile again- and be able to identify that thing I cannot name right now. In time, I suppose… then, it will be the right time. Eagerly awaiting the day we finally meet and our identities are revealed. 


Truly yours,

Fate’s Lass


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