Move on- alone walk but not lonely.

I close my eyes and I think of you…

of everything that we’ve been through,

and I know I made the right choice;

it’s not that you hurt me or I hurt you…

we’re just not compatible.


I’ve tried to let go everything I feel

and I wonder sometimes how you deal

with a goodbye that doesn’t seem to be…

final and complete.


If every rainbow shines down on me

and I imagine a smile that’s real

you’re shadow creeps up on me

and that’s all that I see…

that’s all I feel.


If ever you need to go

somewhere only our minds can go

where creativity abounds 

and laughter is a robe 

imagine I’m sitting next to you

and we’ll share that robe

if even for just a moment.

But then we must let go.

Finally and completely.

It’s time for us to continue walking on our way…


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