Being That Way

The way you see yourself has a

powerful impact on what you make of yourself. 

And you are free to see yourself

in any way you choose.


What you sincerely think of yourself

influences what you do with your life.

The way you spend your time,

and your actions, your commitments

and priorities all flow from your 

image of yourself.


It really doesn’t matter if the image 

is realistic or not. Because you have

the power to shape your own reality

so that it agrees with the image.

What does matter is that your self-image

be authentic. When you

consistently see yourself as who you 

really truly desire to be, that’s who

you become.


Your wishes alone will not make 

anything happen. And yet, when you

persistently see yourself as you wish 

to be, you will guide your own actions

to move your life in that very direction.


Choose a positive, meaningful,

compelling and authentic vision of

the way you would like to be. And

then find great joy and fulfillment in 

really, truly being that way.


(Ralph Marston)


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