Uniquely Valuable Day

This is a great day to be alive.

This is a great day to be you.


You can delight in the beauty of

every little thing. You can 

experience the wonderful

satisfaction of knowing you’re 

making a positive difference.


You can dream and then enjoy 

working your way towards the 

fulfillment of that dream. You can 

learn to create, and love and share,

and experience life’s richness in

your own unique way.


This is an outstanding moment,

because it is a culmination of all

you’ve ever experienced. The paths

you’ve chosen have led you right here,

and now you can do something

new and meaningful with it all.


The fears and shortcomings of your 

past no longer have to hold you back.

The genuine love that’s within you

has more longing and ability to be

expressed than never before.


Look around you with thankful, loving

eyes and feel what a truly great day

it is to be alive. The very best of life

is here now for you, so live it to the 

fullest on this uniquely valuable day.


(Ralph Marston)



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