Keep your eyes on Him

When you begin to fear

is when you start to 

lose faith.

If your eyes are set

firmly on getting home

you will never despair.

For we are all Prodigals

on our homeward journey.

Longing to get home

to see our Father

when we finally

feel his personal embrace.

Keep your eyes on home.


2 thoughts on “Keep your eyes on Him

  1. “Is the god the source, or is the god a human manner of conceiving of the force and energy that supports the world? In our tradition God is a male. This male and female differentiation is made, however, within the field of time and space, the field of duality. If God is beyond duality, you cannot say that God is a “He.” You cannot say God is a “She.” You cannot say God is an “It.” Joseph Campbell

    1. Hmmm, interesting quotation shoe1000. I can’t explain our choice of words used to refer to Our Supreme Being and I have questioned why we use He and not She or whether we should even try to assign such a “title” anyway. Thanks for the comment.

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