Title: Retraction


1. Mirror (cracked in places, know-it-all but oftentimes obviously wrong)

2. Shadow (more courageous than made out to be, always present but visible mostly when Light is dimmed)

3. Light (reflected mostly through the Eyes)

4. Eyes (sees all and hides some)


Prelude: the main character is a shadow of Shadow although it doesn’t appear that way, this actor is invisible to all but the one playing the role; the actor stands in front of Mirror every second of the day, sometimes looking deep into Mirror’s eyes as they stare back, other times deliberately turning away to avoid seeing the whole truth…

Mirror has become cracked over the years due to the rocky relationship it shares with the main actor, you see sometimes the admonishment Mirror receives is too much resulting in tiny cracks that over time join hands forming more intense ones and the inevitable splinter…

Light tries to help Eyes when it can but Eyes takes its cue from the main character, sometimes squeezing tight together involuntarily or from the years of practice, it has wrinkles to show like Mirror’s cracks… Light has won sometimes and Eyes shine brightly but then Eyes always lapses…

Main Act: (time to refract some of the Light)

Eyes tries to reason with Shadow and the main actor…. tries to retract what it has been showing over the years.

Light: Eyes I have something I must say to you

Eyes: I’m listening…


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