A woman’s choice

sometimes decisions aren’t as hard as they seem

a woman has to choose who to put her trust in; 

men choose who to show their emotions to, who

to let in to their heart, show their “weak” not so 

manly side; and we all choose where and when to

hide those secret tears and joys not shared with

the one we choose in the end; what to do when

the time to choose is now and you still haven’t

made up your mind? Do you continue to run 

and hide your true feelings or what you think

is true? What to do when confusion befriends 

your heart and mind making it more difficult-

to choose? Then again, choosing is not the hard

part, is it? It’s letting go of the notion of choosing

and embracing the choice already made that you

do have options and what you want is not what

you get sometimes but you can choose what you

want and try to get it even if only for a short time.

It’s worth it in the end, isn’t it? You get some good

memories and smiles and more tears of joy to hide

from the one you’ve chosen, for once you make the 

choice, finally make “the choice”- it is for life.


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