For you Dad

for you dad…

i am left defending your memory

for when people ask all these questions

i continue to lie

to cover for your lie

i can’t explain it was all a made-up

story to hide the whole truth 

and nothing but the truth from me

what am i supposed to say

when i have no choice but 

to continue to play your lines

your lies you used to cover your back

not once did you look over your 

shoulder at me shuddering in 

the dark, i cried- useless

i grieved- pointless

but now i forgive

too bad i still have to lie

but it’s worth knowing

the truth 

after all this time.

I’ll continue to lie…


13 thoughts on “For you Dad

    1. It has 🙂 thanks. Still get super sad at times but less and less. Hope you’ll have an amazing new day (today/tomorrow)! not sure which time zone you’re in 🙂 and many thanks for visiting

      1. I know it is sad, but necessary in this case. If I told the truth it would probably cause more unnecessary harm. (Oooops- when is a lie ever “necessary”) but you get what I mean?

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