23 Sep 2013
‘The fruit of righteousness will be…confidence…’ ISAIAH 32:17

Never mistake competence for confidence; one is ability-based, the other comes from knowing who you are in Christ; that you’re ‘…complete in him…’ (1 John 2:5 NIV). One author says: ‘The first thing I learned about confidence, was I didn’t possess it…I had a thin glaze of arrogance covering a core of fear. All those years of being a success in the eyes of the world left me deathly afraid of failure. Worldly success requires taking risks beyond the comfort zones of previous accomplishments. Spiritual success requires letting go of outcomes and allowing God to move on your behalf. I was so afraid of failure…I never found success in it either…the false confidence I’d known was built on my own abilities… However if you suddenly find a lump in your breast, or your spouse says he never loved you, or you get fired from your job, or your child is seriously ill, every tactic you’ve ever employed and every skill you’ve ever mastered will get you nowhere…The Bible says, ‘…Have a sane estimate of your [abilities]…’ (Romans 12:4 PHPS)…once you realise you aren’t perfect…you can exhale and start the task of being good enough…When your confidence stems from knowing the almighty, unchanging One, you cannot be shaken by change or circumstances. You…exude competence, peace, contentment, and fortitude.’ Isn’t it time you got out from under the pressure of acting like God and having all the answers? ‘We have different gifts, according to the grace given us…’ (Romans 12:6 NIV). When you use your gift to glorify God, you’re doing what He intended you to do.



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