New Music: Natasha Kozaily – Magic People

Interesting and informative read c/o Jim.

Backseat Mafia

natasha kozaily

One of the loveliest places I’ve ever been to in my life, was the Cayman Islands. Its right in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, 180 miles south of Cuba and 195 miles west of Jamaica. It’s got the clearest water I’ve ever seen, alongside the white sandy beaches. It was one of those beautiful idyllic places that you see on television holiday programmes and in Sunday supplement travel articles. Essentially there for ‘work’, i.e. to play some concerts, me and some of the other musicians spent our days wandering along the beaches of this lovely place, sitting in the beachside bars with a Red Stripe in our hands, not really being able to believe our luck. Every time I think of that Island I get this sort of glow, a warm feeling inside of pleasure and, well, happiness.

Natasha Kozaily grew up their, her mother a native of…

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