Take me back to that evening

when I sat in the dark

while the piano’s haunting melody

tugged at  my heart and

I decided to ask the questions

I had stored up for so long

when I feared rejection

and washed clean the tears

running down my cheeks

before they dried and told

a tale I wished to hide

take me to a time i remember

clearly- loud laughter and music

were not strange sounds then

but somewhere in the quiet

darkness I wished to be alone

and I didn’t understand it then

neither do I now, except now I

know how wrong it is to will

yourself into a place where

you don’t belong, willing the

light to flicker out and the dark

to take over, how wrong it is to

fear, to not believe, to stop giving,

to stop needing-

take me to where I belong

far away from the masks

and veils and thick dark curtains-

take me back please.  


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