I’m Happy I met You

You are an amazing man

gentle, sweet, kind and caring

You’ve never lifted a finger to

do wrong and I admire you

for you respect women, love

animals, cherish the young

How could I doubt your love?


If I were to stop loving you

it would be because I’ve lost

my mind and my memory

but somewhere in my thoughts

I’d still know and in trying to express

this I’d get my wires crossed and frown

when I mean to smile


Your promises of love and

commitment, of giving your all to me

Your promise to be patient as I try to

figure out what I want

How can I show you how much

I appreciate it all?

How do I show you I love you?

I’ll do it by smiling when you walk in

from work- each day you come home

tired or when you greet me as I get 

home from work, I’ll take your shirt 

collar in my hands and pull you to me

for a long kiss

I’ll remember my promise of love and 

commitment, of giving you all of me

my promise to be patient as you 

figure out what you need

I’ll remember you were there when I 

was ready to fall apart, when you 

reminded me I was good enough, to try,

to never give up,

I’ll remember you helped me through

trembling, through tears, when my 

eyes dried up from shock and I refused

to cry


You saw my eyes

and you stared at me

until I looked right at you, 

and held your gaze- 

you never dared me to do

anything- you only invited me

and I’m grateful


This incredible friendship

we’ve forged, what we’ve

accomplished together-

I didn’t expect it- I wanted it-

just this way- for a long time

I have to say simply-

I’m happy I met you

and I’m happy my fears

didn’t win.



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