Widen your horizon

The scales are slowly falling away 

from my eyes and my ears welcome

their rough landing as they hit the

floor with a dull final thud.

Surgery can cure blindness.

Better is ahead.

Keep your eyes wide open.


12 thoughts on “Widen your horizon

      1. 🙂 I don’t think so. Sometimes it is good to push the limit and other times it is well to listen to our body. As long as you are healthy, Yoshiko 🙂

      2. Well Yoshiko I hope your body doesn’t break down 🙂 A balance is necessary. Treat yourself to some relaxation sometime. You could lie under your favourite tree, plug in your earphones to your favourite music and close your eyes 🙂 (if that is what relaxes you) Otherwise, just don’t let it get to the point where you breakdown. Best wishes. (So, rest before you break down)

      3. Thanks, Carmen. Sorry for so long I hasn’t replied to you. My body does break down occasionally. You are right, I haven’t been relaxing. Now, I just see your reply 🙂
        Best Wishes too 🙂

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