Love is…(Pt. 3)

Abstinence and the City

A Lifestyle.

Love is like a warm blanket that covers your soul from the coldness of the world. Love is truth. Love is extraordinary. It is taught to us in English classes as an abstract noun but I see it also as a verb, an action verb that should never be used in the past tense or even future but forever in the present tense. Why? Because love, as it is, has no time limit. Time is simply an idea that men have used to mistakenly define their own morality but love is more…. Love is hope. Love is faith. Love is understanding even when you do not understand. Love is rejecting your selfish desires and wants in favor of the well being of others.

Love is me. Love is you. Love is, before I was given a name, before I could wiggle my toes, before I entered my mother’s…

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