Of love, men and relationships

Lantern Post

Back in August last year I wrote ‘tongue-in-cheek’ two-parts post on Kiwi Blokes. The idea was light-hearted fun and for most part it worked! Lots of people found it funny in a slightly cheeky kind of a way. Moreover, the Lantern’s stats page tells me that those two posts continued to be read on a weekly basis. All well and good -:)!

However, some people went into trouble of sending me rather strongly worded emails voicing their disagreements and, in some cases, went as far as to offer to prove me wrong in person. As the Lantern is founded on the principle of humanity, I responded as best as I could, mostly by; ‘thank you, but no thank you’, and/or; ‘the intent of the posts was humours rather than factual.’

While those emails did not come as a huge surprise to me, some others did. Primarily those written…

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