When God says “Not Yet”

🙂 being patient

divine detours, waiting on God, trust GodYou had it all planned out perfectly from when you were a young teen.

Where you would live, what you would do, who you would be.

The moment you stepped off the podium of your college graduation you were ready to face the real world.

To accomplish your dreams.

To travel the world.

To start a family.

To go above and beyond everything you had hoped for.

But you set out for your dream job and ended up on the bottom of the ladder pushing papers wondering what on earth you got your degree for.

You expected to find your true love but every day you come home to an empty house wondering if you will always be alone.

Or you married your soul mate and now it’s ten year later and after treatments, and trying, and listening to the advice of everyone around you your hope starts to disappear…

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