An Olive-tree taunted a Fig-tree with the loss of her leaves at a
certain season of the year. "You," she said, "lose your leaves every
autumn, and are bare till the spring: whereas I, as you see, remain
green and flourishing all the year round." Soon afterwards there came
a heavy fall of snow, which settled on the leaves of the Olive so that
she bent and broke under the weight; but the flakes fell harmlessly
through the bare branches of the Fig, which survived to bear many
another crop.

4 thoughts on “Aesop

      1. They are going well! I realized that I had not seen your posts in awhile. Boom yours popped up in my reader. Good timing! 😀 Have a blessed day! I’m glad to see you going strong! 😀

      2. 🙂 hey, was just about to comment that I’ll see you after your blog break. Just saw your last post. I’m glad to hear things are well with you. Keep smiling and looking at the beauty around you! Have a blessed day as well.

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