I am still learning about myself
I am unique
I am my own person
I am going somewhere beautiful
it will be perfect for me
My thoughts matter
I can communicate my thoughts to others
I will not be rejected
Some may disagree but I must still
speak up
The future will be good
I must not worry about my future
I must smile
I must laugh
I must not be afraid to cry sometimes
I must show love at all times
I must Love
I must never give up
I must make friends
I must allow others to support me
I must support others
I must never put myself down
I must speak softly
I must have faith
I must be happy with me
I must pray always
I must give God thanks
I must listen to music
I must be humble
I must be merciful
I must be obedient to God
I must stand up for myself
I do have true friends
I must learn to apologise
I must acknowledge my feelings
I must have clear standards
I must hold myself accountable
I am talented
I must use my talents
I must improve my talents
I must be kind to others
I love animals
I am not cracked
I am not broken
I do feel
People love me
I am not afraid of love
I do not fear death
I like what I am doing
I can write
I write well
I am not ugly
I am beautiful
I am protected
I am well
I am growing
I am learning
I am strong
I am becoming


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