Scarred and pained

If I’m living to die… And I know I will die, just a matter of when… Why must I want to own anything?
Why would I want to get married? Who gives me the right to cut into another’s time until they too die? What right do I have to miss  anyone? We’re all borrowing time from each other. A currency we can’t repay. Ever. Why should I aspire to own anything if all I’m going to do is die? Why have children? Why not use the time between this moment and that final moment to gaze at the lightning dancing for us? Watch smiles, listen to laughter? Why do we clutch at everything so? Why do we want to own? Why can’t we share? Why won’t we see how futile it is to hold onto things? Futile to try to hold onto others? Futile…
It hurts me so much.


2 thoughts on “Scarred and pained

  1. When one shares, they share time…a mutual agreement that life together is better than apart…oh such affairs of the heart are too difficult to fully understand…peace my friend.

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